This royal throne of kings, this sceptred isle, This earth of majesty, this seat of Mars, This other Eden, demi-paradise, This fortress built by Nature for herself Against infection and the hand of war, This happy breed of men, this little world, This precious stone set in the silver sea, Which serves it in the office of a wall Or as a moat defensive to a house, Against the envy of less happier lands,-- This blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England. ~~William Shakespeare, Richard III

Saturday, November 27, 2010

This Week in History...

November 20, 1591 - Christopher Hatton, a favorite of Elizabeth I, died at Ely Palace, penniless and childless.

1947 - The future Elizabeth II and Philip of Greece married at Westminster Abbey.

November 21, 1272 - Edward I is crowned King of England. He had been on his way home from crusade when his father, Henry III, died.

1620 - The colonists sign the Mayflower Compact.

November 22, 1428 - Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick, is born. Warwick would become known as the "Kingmaker" for his role in helping Edward IV gain the English throne.

1515 – Marie of Guise, wife of James V of Scotland and mother to Mary, Queen of Scots, was born.

November 23, 1499 - Henry VII hanged Perkin Warbeck, who claimed to be the younger of the Princes in the Tower, Richard, Duke of York, at the Tower of London.

1503 – Margaret of York, wife of Charles I, Duke of Burgundy and sister to Edward IV and Richard III, died in Burgundy.

November 24, 1273 - Alfonso, Earl of Chester, son of Edward I, was born in France. At the time, he was his father's only surviving son.

1541 - Margaret Tudor, daughter of Henry VII, sister of Henry VIII, and wife to James IV of Scotland, died of a stroke in Scotland.

1859 - Darwin publishes his On the Origin of the Species.

November 25, 1120 - William the Aetheling, Duke of Normandy, son and heir of Henry I, died when the White Ship sunk off the coast of Normandy. This death resulted in the succession crisis between his sister Matilda and their cousin Stephen.

November 26, 1326 - Hugh le Despenser (the Younger) was tried and executed for treason by Queen Isabella (wife of Edward II, mother of Edward III) and her lover Roger Mortimer.

1504 - Isabella I of Castile, wife of Ferdinand of Aragon and mother of Catherine of Aragon, died in Spain.

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