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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Need More Blog Help!!!!

Yes...I come posting another question about the technical sides of this blog! Hahahaha. I used to be so knowledgeable about computer stuff...guess technology has moved right on past me. :)

So, the issue I need help with today:

I would like to have a 3 column blog. I've seen others with this but I do not see a blogger template with three columns. Is there a 3 column template I don't know about?

Someone PLEASE help!!!


  1. If you want a 3 column minima template that is compatible with Cutest Blog on the Block, then if you google 'minima three column Blogger template' you should find something.

    I tend to google free blogger templates and see if what comes up as well.

  2. There is a great site, with tutorials just on this topic.

    I don't know how it will work with the background though...

  3. If what Marg suggests does not work, then you'll have to edit the html code (that's what I did on mine - it was pretty easy and I'm technically challenged!). The Cutest Blog on the Block has some info on how to do it here (the third entry down):

    The nice thing about using TCOTB or BAckground fairy is that since they are only backgrounds, you can change them without worry about losing all of your widgets. Some of the templates out there basically wipe them all out and you have to re-do them. I tried to save them once so that I could insert them into the new code (I found instructions on a web site somewhere) but it didn't work and so I had to re-do them all. I will NEVER do that again! Good luck!